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Reporter Numbers:
Delaware County District Court
Case Docket Number:
Date Decided:
April 26, 2004
Opinion By:
Barry Denney
Barry Denney
District Court Case No.:
Trial Court Judge:
Barry Denney
Appellant Lawyer(s):
Dorothy Parker (lost on counter-claim)
Appellees Lawyer(s):
Robert C. Jenkins, Gary D. Mallow (won on counter-claim)
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City of Grove v. Shero (Delaware County District Court 2004)

District court case where Judge Denney held that pre-meeting city council packets are subject to the ORA. He awarded Shero attorney fees against the City of Grove. NOTE: This case is related to Shero v. Grand Savings Bank, 2007 OK 24, 161 P.3d 298.

See attached PDF for Journal Entry

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