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New Oklahoma Attorney General Pledges to Enforce Government Transparency Laws

Attorney General Gentner Drummond outlined his priorities when he took office in January 2023. He says that one of his major priorities will be to enforce the Open Records and Open Meeting Acts.

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On January 9, 2023, Gentner Drummond was sworn in as Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma. Drummond issued a press release setting forth the top priorities for his office that include “working to improve relations with Oklahoma‚Äôs Native American tribes, eliminating illegal marijuana growing operations in the state, prosecuting fraud and corruption, and ensuring governmental transparency.”

It is refreshing to hear the State’s top prosecutor pledge support for the Open Records Act and Open Meeting Act. We hope that his actions will back up his strong statement and we have no reason to believe that he is not serious. Hes off to a good start too. He recently weighed in on an open records issue with the City of Tulsa, and he took the unusual step of commenting to the news media and reaffirming his support of transparency. You can read about that instance here.

Recent AGs Pruitt and Hunter did not do much of anything to support government transparency, so it is good to hear this statement from our new AG. Former AG Drew Edmondson, who served from 1995 to 2011, was a supporter of government transparency and we are hopeful that Drummond will advance the laws and their enforcement. We will be sure to keep a close eye on his actions and keep our readers informed.

New Attorney General Gentner Drummond outlines priorities upon taking office

PDF of AGs website

New Attorney General Gentner Drummond outlines priorities upon taking office