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Okla. Stat. tit. 25, § 312
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OMA § 312 – Written Minutes

A. The proceedings of a public body shall be kept by a person so designated by such public body in the form of written minutes which shall be an official summary of the proceedings showing clearly those members present and absent, all matters considered by the public body, and all actions taken by such public body. The minutes of each meeting shall be open to public inspection and shall reflect the manner and time of notice required by this act.

B. In the written minutes of an emergency meeting, the nature of the emergency and the proceedings occurring at such meeting, including reasons for declaring such emergency meeting, shall be included.

C. Any person attending a public meeting may record the proceedings of said meeting by videotape, audiotape or by any other method; providing, however, such recording shall not interfere with the conduct of the meeting.

Historical Data

Laws 1977, HB 1416, c. 214, § 12, eff. October 1, 1977; Amended by Laws 1992, SB 832, c. 78, § 1, emerg. eff. April 13, 1992.