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Okla. Stat. tit. 51, § 24A.11
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ORA § 24A.11 – Confidential Library, Archive, or Museum Materials

A. A public body may keep confidential library, archive, or museum materials donated to the public body to the extent of any limitations imposed as a condition of the donation and any information which would reveal the identity of an individual who lawfully makes a donation to or on behalf of a public body including, but not limited to, donations made through a foundation operated in compliance with Sections 5-145 and 4306 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

B. If library, archive, or museum materials are donated to a public body and the donation may be claimed as a tax deduction, the public body may keep confidential any information required as a condition of the donation except the date of the donation, the appraised value claimed for the donation, and a general description of the materials donated and their quantity.

Historical Data

Laws 1985, SB 276, c. 355, § 11, eff. November 1, 1985; Amended by Laws 1992, HB 2142, c. 231, § 3, emerg. eff. May 19, 1992.

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